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Rights of use

Would you like to use our content for your own purposes?

Types of use & rights of use: You can obtain permission from us for the reuse of our content in newspapers, magazines, teaching materials, scientific works, corporate magazines, advertising materials, exhibitions, and for digital uses on websites, social media, and for audio, film, and TV productions.

Please note: Further use of DuMont Mediengruppe content is not permitted without permission. Free of charge and possible without permission is only a link to our content on your homepage.

Conditions: Our pricing is based on the type of use and duration of use of our content on your website, or on the circulation and reach of your publication or production. It is adjusted individually in each case. The basic price for creating and sending a file is EUR 35,- plus VAT. Separate agreements are possible for particularly long periods of use (over 2 years).

We grant price reductions or free use for the use of text excerpts. We are also happy to accommodate charitable organizations and institutions without a commercial purpose in terms of pricing.

You would like to purchase licenses? Then please contact us at dcc-recherchedumontde stating the desired content (e.g. source, date, photo/text, author, photographer) and the intended use. We will be happy to make you an attractive offer.

Would you like to include articles in your internal electronic press review? You can obtain the necessary rights from PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH, Berlin, Tel.: 030/284930 or at