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About us.

Ambitious. Open minded. Consistent.

The well-known American futurist John Naisbitt put the dilemma we face in the face of the sheer endless quantities of available information quite fittingly: "We are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge".

With the realignment of DuMont to the three strategic business areas of Regional Media, Business Information and Marketing Technology, we have been focusing on building these future-proof, digital growth areas by linking content, data and technology since 2014. Since then, we have been able to build up the Business Information area into an independent business unit by reorganizing existing activities, acquiring new companies, and establishing or further developing the data businesses.

Today, we have successfully established ourselves in a growing market with our subsidiaries DTAD, Eticor, Reguvis and Validatis.

Under the umbrella brand QUiNFOS, we are now initiating the next phase of growth. QUiNFOS is the platform that takes established companies and mature startups in the business information and business solutions market to the next level. Above all and in addition to new opportunities, impulses and synergies, we offer entrepreneurial freedom to continue to grow steadily with digital products and services.

We carry our vision in our name: [Q-win-fos]: Q stands for quality, win for winning, (in)fos for information.

Strategy & Vision.

We are working on a portfolio that will make us one of the top addresses for business information in Germany in the long term. In doing so, we bring together companies and talents of different maturity. They benefit from our opportunities, new impulses and our appreciation for entrepreneurial freedom when designing new digital products and services.

This model has proven itself over the years. For established companies whose owners are looking for a successor as well as for startups that want to take the next growth step and need support to do so.

QUiNFOS is open to all those companies in our growth market that share our vision and values.

Responsible entrepreneurship.

That's what QUiNFOS stands for.

Why do established companies come under the QUiNFOS umbrella? Because owners want to know that their companies are in good hands even after they have left them. They appreciate that, unlike other players in the M&A market, we do not think of an exit when entering, because our approach is characterised by sustainable entrepreneurship.

Startups and their founders often need guidance, a network, active exchange and financial substance after the initial growth spurt, which is necessary for the realization of innovative ideas in the business information and intelligence market. They benefit from the fact that we do not force growth through a monoculture imposed by QUiNFOS, but through openness and diversity.

Investment focus.

Take the next step with us.

After more than five years of continuous growth in the business information and solutions market, QUiNFOS is entering the next phase of development.

Our investment focus includes established companies and mature startups that strengthen the existing portfolio of DTAD, Eticor, Reguvis, and Validatis. On the other hand, we are interested in companies that can strategically expand the service portfolio of QUiNFOS, with its focus on B2B data services as well as digital workflow solutions in the area of compliance and RegTech.

You can reach our Head of M&A and Business Development, Christopher Schmidl, at christopher.schmidlquinfosde.

Environmental, Social & Governance.

At QUiNFOS, we consistently prioritize a comprehensive ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy based on the fundamental principles of environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. We recognize the significance of these aspects for our long-term success as well as our responsibility towards society and the environment.

Environmental Protection

We actively engage in environmental protection efforts and align our working methods with internationally established sustainability standards to ensure environmentally and socially responsible business practices. An example of this is our office in Cologne, where we utilize state-of-the-art heating technology and biogas.

As a certified ClimatePartner company, we continuously calculate our greenhouse gas emissions, set reduction targets, and support climate protection projects. The ClimatePartner label documents our high level of commitment and successes in climate protection. The certification can be transparently tracked through the associated Climate ID website.

Social Engagement

At QUiNFOS, we view diversity as one of our strengths and a foundation of our success. We value and promote differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, abilities, and backgrounds.

As signatories of the “Charta der Vielfalt”, we actively advocate for an inclusive work environment where every employee can fully realize their potential. Additionally, we support, among other initiatives, local projects for children and youth in difficult life situations together with DuMont, as well as numerous initiatives in arts and culture.

Good Governance

Transparency and responsible corporate governance are cornerstones of our operations.

Based on our values, we have developed our Code of Conduct, which obliges our employees to adhere to ethical principles and guidelines. We firmly believe that business conduct and ethical principles are inseparably linked.

Our whistleblowing system enables employees to anonymously report violations of our corporate policies or ethical standards.